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Versed Brand Skin Care, Soak Rich Moisture Cream for Dry Skin and Aging Skin, 1.5 oz

Versed Brand Skin Care, Soak Rich Moisture Cream for Dry Skin and Aging Skin, 1.5 oz

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Versed Skin Soak is a luxurious moisturizing face cream that combines the power of algae extract . Vitamin E . and Squalane to deliver a truly indulgent skincare experience. The face cream for dry skin keeps moisture-depleted skin nourished and hydrated while fighting signs of aging.

This smooth . dreamy hydrating face cream feels rich but non-greasy on the skin . so it can also be used as a moisturizer for oily skin during winter months. Apply the cream to your entire face and neck in the morning and/or evening after cleansing and applying serums for optimal results. To recycle . remove the cap . rinse out any residue . replace the cap . and toss it in your curbside recycling bin. Throw away the jar's inner liner in the trash.

Beyond its rejuvenating properties . Versed Skin Soak embodies a commitment to quality. Dermatologist-tested . vegan . cruelty-free . and pregnancy-safe . ensures a guilt-free luxury. Packaged in 50% PCR plastic . this cream reflects our dedication to the environment . making it an elegant choice for those seeking both efficacy and ethical beauty. Elevate your skincare routine with Versed Skin Soak and experience the transformative power of this timeless beauty essential.

Versed revolutionizes skin care by being the first brand to embrace community co-creation. We believe in the power of listening . and every product we develop is approved by you. Each ingredient we include serves a purpose . backed by thorough safety and efficacy testing. With a focus on proven ingredients at effective levels . we adhere to the strictest European Union standards . surpassing 1 .350 questionable ingredients for the sake of your skin . body . and the planet. Experience the transformative potential of community-driven skincare with Versed. Versed is high performance skincare for everyone . with results you can see and feel good about. Versed creates products that perform for your skin . your body . and the planet. For your skin—with innovative . science-backed formulations and easy-to-follow routines. For your body—by skipping ingredients with questionable safety data. For the planet—with a climate-first approach to sustainability. We call ourselves Versed because we're well-versed in skincare – we want you to be . too.

Versed Skin Soak Rich Face Moisturizer with Vitamin E & Squalane . Vegan Face Cream . 1.5 oz.

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